Child protection is a lifelong conversation, and Every Body Talk is only the beginning.

These are hard conversations to have, we get it. But, they are important. Every Body Talk is intended to be an introduction to age appropriate conversations about body safety, child abuse prevention, and ultimately sexual assault prevention. With this book as a guide, healthy conversations are easier so they can happen earlier in children’s lives.  You are accomplishing a major first step in ensuring child safety - that you and your child can discuss anything of concern when it comes to them and their body. 

Developed With Experts From World Class Organizations

Who We Are

Every Body Talk is the brainchild of a concerned Baltimore family and the Erin Levitas Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission of preventing sexual assault through early education. The Foundation invests in parent, educator, youth and community prevention education. The Erin Levitas Foundation is working to reduce the number of children who grow up to become victims or survivors of sexual violence, or someone who causes sexual harm. 

Matthew Mittleman


Matthew Mittleman loves being a Dad and spending lots of time with family, traveling and riding his Peloton bike. He got connected with the Erin Levitas Foundation and after hearing staggering statistics about sexual violence, he had to get involved.

Marissa Neuman Jachman


Marissa Jachman is the Executive Director of the Erin Levitas Foundation and is passionate about stopping sexual assault for future generations. Marissa lives in Washington, DC with her husband and 2 sons.

Who We Worked With

The Erin Levitas Foundation worked with a racial equity consultant, gender violence experts, teachers, LifeBridge Health’s Center for Hope, librarians, disability rights activist, a children’s therapist, and parents to develop the age-appropriate language to address this sensitive issue. The illustrations represent children of many races, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and family units taking part in a wide variety of activities. Topics covered include healthy boundaries, hygiene, physical anatomy, safe play, and finding a trusted adult if a child feels scared, unsure or needs help. Furthermore, the book will connect readers to the Erin Levitas Foundation website, which will provide additional resources for caregivers and educators. Educators will also soon be able to download a lesson plan based on the book, as well as a poster and other classroom materials.


Adam RosenbergEsq. Child Abuse Prevention Expert. LifeBridge Health Vice President, Violence Prevention and Intervention; Executive Director, Center for Hope

Alison D’Alessandro, LifeBridge Health’s Center for Hope Community Outreach and Education Manager.

Chimi Boyd-Keyes, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault trainer, racial equity and trauma-informed consultant.

Quince Hopkins, Gender Violence Expert, JD, LL.M, S.J.D. (ABD), Director of the Levitas Initiative for Sexual Assault Prevention at the Carey School of Law.

Emily Ladau, Author, Speaker, Disability Rights Activist.

Nanyamkah Mars, Middle School Librarian in Washington, DC.

Malia L. Segal LCSW-NJ, RPT, a children's therapist at The Therapy Institute.

Georgia Warner, Humanitarian and Human Rights Communications and Programming Specialist, Teacher.

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What's In The Book?

Every Body Talk is an introduction to age appropriate caregiver/child conversations about body safety, child abuse prevention, and ultimately sexual assault prevention aimed at children from birth through eight. This book is a guide for caregiver to child conversations to accomplish the first step in ensuring child safety - enabling the child to discuss anything of concern when it comes to themselves and their bodies. Child protection like sexual abuse and sexual assault prevention is a lifelong conversation and Every Body Talk is the beginning. 

The CDC recommends changing social norms, teaching skills and empowering people (specifically girls and women), and creating protective environments to help reduce sexual violence. This book is doing just that:

1. Healthy gender norms are portrayed.

2. Examples that promote healthy modeling and healthy relationships.

3. Supporting the creation of protective environments is promoted throughout the book.

Rave Reviews From Parents & Educators

Every Body Talk is the book that every parent should read to their children. Beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme, it is an important educational tool that gently and positively addresses respecting our bodies by encouraging healthy conversations between a child and their parent as well as an opportunity to ask questions.

Amanda, mom of 2, California

EVERY BODY TALK is a lifesaver-- everybody needs this book in their home library!  We learn 'stop, drop and roll; in school, but we are rarely taught about child sexual abuse and or body safety.Every Body Talk offers the opportunity to discuss a really heavy topic in a non-threatening, and easy-to-understand way.  Thank you for putting this out there, the world will be safer place because of it! -

Lindsay Thomason, CEO, The Nanny League, Inc.

Every Body Talk is such an important children’s book because it provides pathways for parents, caregivers and kids to talk about their bodies and teach body autonomy, body acceptance and self-confidence. I am looking forward to using this book as a tool to talk to my son.  As a Black child, it’s very important that he sees himself in children’s stories and this book delivers. It is a book that has equity at the forefront so that ALL children of ALL identities can see themselves.

Ms. Chimi Boyd-Keyes, MA, CEO & Founder, CBK Enterprises

This is the best book I've ever purchased for my child! I feel so much better knowing how to have these difficult conversations with him. Every Body Talk is SO MUCH better than the way my parents did it!

Erika S., mom of 2, Maryland

This is the best book out there for helping children understand and talk about their bodies. Every part of this book is fantastic!

Jim A., grandfather, Maryland